Message from the Chief Enforcement Counsel 


I have been the Chief Enforcement Counsel (CEC) of the Division of Election Law Enforcement (DELE) since June 2021.  In the past year, I have been confronted with the erroneous belief that there has been a lack of election law and campaign finance enforcement by the DELE.  This website is one step in helping to change that perception.

As someone who was previously an Enforcement Counsel with the New York State Board of Elections (NYSBOE) before the formation of the DELE, I am uniquely qualified to take the DELE in the right direction.  A big part of that process is to provide the voters of this state with a high level of transparency, allowing them to make informed decisions about their voting choices.  Since my appointment last year, some of the numerous changes that have taken place within the DELE include finalizing the transition from the former CEC, hiring new staff, streamlining DELE’s investigation processes, and establishing procedures and directives for the unit. I have also successfully relocated the DELE to a new office space, providing a better and more productive work environment for DELE staff.

During the past year, the DELE has also been working on aggressive enforcement of NYS Election campaign finance laws. We have been making tremendous strides in this area and continue to do so.  Additionally, we have been working on enforcing the compliance of Professional Limited Liability Companies/Limited Liability Companies with the NYS Election Law requirement to file Statements of Identity with NYSBOE. 

Finally, since my appointment, the DELE has continued to build solid working relationships with all NYSBOE personnel and the NYSBOE Commissioners.  We must fine-tune our communication and work together in the best way possible to ensure transparency and equitable enforcement of the NYS Election Law.

While a lot of people talk about doing something and bringing about positive change, the DELE has and continues to do so.  There is much work to be done, and we are ready. 

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Michael L. Johnson

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